CASETiFY has offered quite a range of Pokémon-themed accessories in the last few years, and the company just revealed their next big batch. Looking for a custom phone case? How about Apple Watch bands, AirTags, grip stands, and more? CASETiFY has them all, and they’re absolutely dripping with Pokémon charm.

CASETiFY will be offering phone cases featuring Charizard, Pikachu, Gengar, Lucario, Mew, Snorlax, Garchomp, Piplup, and Pachirisu, all with two design options. There’s also a series of cases featuring the various Eeveelutions. Finally, there’s a pretty fancy pixelated 3D Poké Ball airpods case.

All of these goodies are set to launch on March 22nd, 2022, and there’s even a special contest you can enter. Three lucky customers who sign up for Priority Access and then take a Pokémon Quiz could win Mirror Cases for Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus. If you’d like to sign up and take the quiz, you can do so here.

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