Developer Aiming has announced that the Switch version of Caravan Stories is soon coming to an end. The game is going to shut down operations come June 13th, 2024, at 11 AM JST. Along with that, Aiming has already halted sales of premium gold and gems for the Switch version. That said, seasonal events will continue right up to the shutdown date.

Caravan Stories originally launched for Switch all the way back in March 2021, but sadly the game never saw release outside of Japan. You have to wonder if the title would see its service continue had Aiming released the title worldwide. Unfortunately, we’ll never get to see that plan play out.

While Caravan Stories is coming to an end on Switch, the game will live on through the PS4, PC and mobile versions. You can actually play a North American version of the game on PS4, so if you’re extra hungry to see what this one is about, you’ll still have a viable console option.

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