There’s so much of the internet that I don’t keep up with, but oddly enough, today brings a new feature from a YouTube personality I follow pretty religiously; The 8-Bit Guy.

While The 8-Bit Guy is usually dabbling with computers, he’s definitely covered his fair share of gaming topics in the past. He’s a hobbyist game developer, he’s explained how the NES works in great detail, and now he’s turning his attention to Nintendo once again to bring one of their classic arcade pieces back to life.

The Nintendo PlayChoice-10 arcade was a unique blend of console and arcade gaming from 1986. It features a selection of 10 different NES games that players can choose from, each playable for a limited time with coins (or unlimited in free play mode). With its distinctive dual-screen design and innovative gameplay concept, the PlayChoice-10 remains a nostalgic favorite for many arcade goers.

As you might guess, there are a handful of Nintendo PlayChoice-10 arcade units out there, but the vast majority are in rough shape. This is where The 8-Bit Guy steps in to flex his muscle (and some elbow grease) in restoring this classic unit to its former glory.

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