Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan are bringing their Donkey Kong expansion to Super Nintendo World in Japan sometime in Spring 2024. Well, Spring officially kicked off in late March, so that means we’re inching ever closure to the expansion’s grand opening! While we wait for news on that opening date, some covert camera action has given us a look at what to expect.

While not a full-on premiere of the Donkey Kong part of Super Nintendo World, YouTube channel L.C.A.STUDIOS has gotten some footage of how things have shaped up at the park so far. As you’ll see in the video above, all the major set pieces appear to be in place and this part of the park should be opening up any day now!

The main attraction of the Donkey Kong portion of Super Nintendo World is no doubt the rollercoaster, which aims to capture the minecart action from the Donkey Kong Country series and translate it into something real-life DK fans can enjoy. Seeing the ride is one thing, but actually hopping aboard should be a pretty unbelievable moment for longtime fans.

There are other little DK and Mario-related tidbits thrown through the new park area, and we won’t know all that’s hiding until the gates officially open. Once the grand opening is revealed, we’ll make sure to bring you the full details!

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