There’s already so many tasty Pokémon treats out there to grab, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for more! If you’d like something else to snack on, you’ll be happy to know that Pokémon Co. has revealed yet another food-related collab that’s kicking off next week in Japan.

Pokémon Co. has teamed with Ginza Cozy Corner to release cakes inspired by Pikachu and Eevee, and that does include all 8 Eeveelutions. These cakes will be up for grabs starting April 12th, 2024, and you can see the complete rundown below.

  • Pikachu: Choco Banana Cake chocolate cream sponge cakes with banana cream decoration
  • Eevee: Chocolate & caramel whipped cream tart
  • Flareon: Apple-flavored whipped cream tart with apple jam
  • Jolteon: Tropical mousse with pineapple jam
  • Vaporeon: Lemon soda-flavored jelly
  • Espeon: Strawberry whipped cream cake
  • Umbreon: Chocolate cake with banana whipped cream
  • Leafeon: Pistachio-flavored sponge roll cake
  • Glaceon: White chocolate whipped cream cake
  • Sylveon: Yoghurt-flavored mousse and strawberry-flavored sponge cake

This collaboration will be available through Ginza Cozy Corner until May 31st, 2024. Obviously (and sadly!), you’ll have to be a resident of Japan to check these out.

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