An update is available for Ancient Weapon Holly. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New mode: Time Attack Mode

  • It is a mode in which players compete for the elapsed time to clear the game.
  • The elapsed time is recorded from the start of the 10th level until the game is cleared.
  • The time measurement continues even after the game is over and the level is lowered.
  • The time recorded at each level is the cumulative playing time at that level.
  • If you want to reset the elapsed time, you can try again by selecting “Start over from the beginning” in Pause.
  • In addition, the difficulty level is set higher in the Time Attack mode, which makes the game even more tense.

New feature: Ability to reset the skill tree only once

  • All skills in the skill tree in the Play Mode can be reset only once.
  • When you reset your skills, the magic stones, gems, and soul stones will be added to the number of skills you have.
  • However, you can only use it once, so think carefully about when to use it!
  • If the game is over without releasing the skills in the skill tree after resetting, the number of possession will be reduced to 0!

New feature: “Start over from the beginning” is now available in Play Mode

  • The “Start over from the beginning” function allows you to reset all the information such as the floor, skill tree, memory pieces, etc., and start over from the 10th floor.
  • Please use this function if you want to play from the beginning to release the achievement “Clear floor 1 from floor 10 without game over”.


  • Fixed a bug where when Holly fell into a hole dug in the ground, her jump was caught and she could not climb out of the hole.


  • Holly’s attacks are now more likely to hit the enemy.
  • Improved the operability of Holly’s hole digging and enemy burial.

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