Dragalia Lost, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Pokémon Café ReMix, and Pokémon Masters EX have all received a content update. Check out the full details for each game below via

Dragalia Lost

  • [Summoning] The latest Gala Dragalia is now live. It features the following: Halloween Laxi (Adventurer), Halloween Akasha (Adventurer), and Halloween Maritimus (Dragon) (available until May 16th)

Fire Emblem Heroes

  • [Summoning] A new Summoning Focus is now live: New Power. It features the following Heroes: Idunn (Dark Priestess), Thea (Stormy Flier), Felicia (Off the Menu), and Kaden (Kitsune Braggart) (available until May 19th)
  • [Events] Pre-registration for the latest Rokkr Sieges event is now live (available until May 15th)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

  • [Crafting] The following is now available via Crafting: Sunlit Window Collection (available until May 30th)

Pokémon Café ReMix

  • [Events] The latest Team Event, Keep Rolling, Electrode!, is now live (available until May 27th)
  • [Store] The following is now available in the Store: Charmander DJ Pack (available until May 27th)

Pokémon Masters EX

  • [Events] The latest Solo Event, Sinnoh Elite Four Assemble, has been updated with the following: 5 new areas added, 1 area removed (available until May 27th)
  • [Scout] The following Sync Pair is now available via Spotlight Scout: Lucian & Girafarig (available until May 27th, with Ticket Scout available until June 3rd)

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