As the weather gets warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, signs of spring have been popping up here and there in the form of colorful flowers, slightly warmer days, fluttering butterflies and the joyful chirp of birds. What better time to go for a walk?

To celebrate this season, Spring Sticker Decor Pikmin will be making a time-limited appearance starting on Community Day! They’ll appear April 13th 0:00 to 29th 23:59 local time.

Rare Eggs obtained by destroying Spring Festival Mushrooms may sometimes include Huge or Gold Seedlings for Spring Sticker Decor Pikmin in addition to Chocolate Bunnies. Please note not all Rare Eggs contain seedlings.

Both Step and Flower Planting Weekly Challenge rewards for the weeks of April 15th and 22nd will include a Gold Seedling for Spring Sticker Decor Pikmin. Please note that you will not receive any rewards if you leave a Weekly Challenge halfway through. Weekly Challenges starting on the week of April 29th will not include Gold Seedlings as a reward.

During the event, Spring Sticker Decor Pikmin will be stronger than usual against all Mushrooms

Available between April 17, 0:00 and May 1, 23:59, the shop will be offering a Special Mission Ticket to help you meet the Spring Sticker Decor Pikmin of your choice! When you purchase this ticket and clear the dedicated mission, you’ll be able to select a Gold Seedling in your desired color. The mission must be completed by June 30, 2024 at 23:59.

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