Hopoo Games has shared some announcements for Risk of Rain 2 today, highlighting content that’s coming to the game in the near future.

First up, in a new Dev Diary, the team explores some of the six new stages coming to Seekers of the Storm. From the ancient Lemurian temples to intense showdowns on a [REDACTED] there are plenty of secrets to discover.

Along with that comes a look at the latest addition to Risk of Rain 2: the Devotion Update! Packed with an array of exciting content, this free update includes new artifacts, a new map, and new enemies. It also includes a super awesome collaboration with Dead Cells! The devs say that this update serves as a heartfelt token of appreciation to all who have contributed to making Risk of Rain 2 the phenomenal game it is today.

Coming soon for players on all platforms, The Prisoner joins the rank of the Survivors as a free Alt Skin for the Mercenary. Additionally, players will soon gain access to a vibrant new map, as well as two Artifacts as part of the free Devotion Update:

Verdant Falls: This stage is a biodiverse area of Petrichor V full of lush vegetation, billowing waterfalls, and galactic wreckage.

Artifact of Devotion: Cultivate your own personal army of Lemurians! This artifact replaces drones with eggs. Players can hatch the eggs by surrendering an item, releasing a Lemurian to fight alongside them. The sacrificed items imbue their effects on the Lemurians, who grow and evolve as they feast on your foes!

Artifact of Delusion: This artifact closes all chests after a teleporter event, allowing them to be re-opened. But there’s a twist: you have to correctly identify which item previously came out of the chest. Guess correctly, and new riches are yours! Guess wrong, and you lose the item.

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