Publisher and developer Outerminds previously announced that they’re bringing their movie-to-game adaptation of Turbo Kid to the Switch. There’s no official release date for the Switch version of this game quite yet, but you can check out the latest trailer above.

Turbo Kid is the metroidvania you wish you’d played as a kid. Unlock and upgrade ludicrous weapons & skills, obliterate your enemies into bits of pixel gore, and forge your own path as you ride the vast and perilous wasteland on your trusty BMX.

You play as a lone warrior on a quest to cross a Wasteland riddled with scoundrels and creeps who you’ll have to go through - literally - in order to survive.

Run, crawl, jump, hang, and, for the very first time in a Metroidvania (don’t research this), bike your way through the world! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the height of human-powered transport technology: the all-terrain Bike!

Your trusty BMX is one touch of a button away at any time. Move around the map faster, access new areas, launch it at enemies, and perform sick bike tricks to gain bonuses.

Hack and slash your enemies with the obligatory machete or shoot them with the Kid’s choc-full-of-mayhem Turbo Glove™. Turbo Blast, Electric Shocks, circular saws… use the array of weapons at your disposal to slash, rip apart, or explode enemies into hysterical and over-the-top splashes of gore!

Our story begins immediately after the movie ends. On your journey, you will meet weirdos and oddballs, some friends, some foes, and some in-between, who will offer advice, quests, fights, and jokes (lots of jokes) in a heartfelt and hysterical story created in collaboration with the filmmakers behind the movie.

Explore the different zones and defeat bosses in the order you see fit, make choices that will affect the course of the story, allowing for multiple playthroughs with different paths and outcomes.

If you don’t care about the story and you’re only in it for the gameplay (speedrun afficionados, we’re looking at you), all the dialogue is skippable. Many cutscenes can simply be ignored if you don’t wish to interact with them.

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