Whenever Nintendo launches a new version of the Switch, it brings in a group of new customers. That’s exactly what happened with the Switch Lite and Switch OLED, and the Switch OLED in particular is doing quite well.

During a Nintendo investor Q&A, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa discussed plans to keep the success going with the Switch OLED model, and also revealed the breakdown of consumers who double-dipped on purchasing a Switch. You can see his full statement below.

We have been able to maintain high demand for Nintendo Switch - OLED Model so far, and because it will contribute to the entire fiscal term in this fiscal year, we believe this model will represent a larger portion of hardware sales. Out of sell-through figures for the previous fiscal year, about 25% of overall hardware purchases were made by those who already owned a Nintendo Switch system. About 30% of Nintendo Switch Lite unit sales were repeat purchases (demand for additional Nintendo Switch systems after the first) and 40% of Nintendo Switch - OLED Model unit sales were repeat or replacement purchases. In order to achieve our forecasted sales of 21 million units, it will be essential to maximize demand among both firsttime and repeat purchasers. Furthermore, we believe the proportion of Nintendo Switch - OLED Model sales will grow along with the increase in demand for multiple systems.

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2y ago

Way to go, Nintendo. It’s awesome to see Nintendo Switch continue to grow. Here’s to 128 million by 03-31-2023!


2y ago

I bought a launch Switch, then the revision 2, then the Animal Crossing edition, then finally the OLED, selling my previous one each time. I also had a used Switch Lite twice! So technically I sextuple dipped.


2y ago

No, I haven't bought another Switch. Still waiting for the Pro.
I WOULD have bought he OLED if not for the hundreds of save files I would have to redownload from the cloud. Why exactly are the save files stored on the Switch's hard drive?