Back in December 2023, developer Memo Gogo and publisher Thermite Games confirmed that Sophia the Traveler would see release on Switch. At that point we didn’t have launch date info, but today the wait is over. You’ll be able to pick up Sophia the Traveler in a matter of hours!

Sophia the Traveler employs a unique and enjoyable picture book style, similar to what you get from the Where’s Waldo series. The game contains 10 different scenes, more than 1800 character assets, over 300 sets of character animation, more than 100 sequence animation & SFX, exceeding 100 European buildings (including 8 iconic buildings of Venice), and nearly 300 sound effects.

Memo Gogo recorded human sound effects in many languages, including Mandarin, English, Italian, French, Cantonese, Minnan and so on to bring the game’s cities to life. They also filled the game with a lot of fun and quirky Easter eggs meant to surprise and delight the player.

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