At the tail-end of April, we learned that Yuji Naka took Square Enix to court over Balan Wonderworld. Naka was removed from the project, and claimed Square Enix released a game they knew was broken, buggy, and downright unfinished. This topic of discussion came up during an investor Q&A with Square Enix, and their response was rather confusing.

First off, Square Enix did confirm that they’re in a lawsuit with Yuji Naka over Balan Wonderworld, but declined to comment any further on that aspect of the story. Then what of Balan Wonderworld itself? Square Enix said, “it is a game that we recommend with confidence.”

Players certainly don’t feel that same confidence, as there has been widespread coverage of the game’s rough state since the demo released. There’s definitely a good game in there somewhere, but Balan Wonderworld needs a lot more time in the oven before it would be ready for consumption. Square Enix clearly has no plans to overhaul the title, so you’re stuck with what Naka claims is an unfinished title.


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2y ago

That's a funny way of spelling caution.


2y ago

Nintendo recommends the CDi Zelda games with confidence.


2y ago

Tested that games demo day 1 as the trailer itself made it seem like a great game, would say im glad it flopped because that was easily the worst demo ive played, it needed way more time in the oven.


2y ago

Balan could have been like Space Station Silicon Valley, it more or less felt like it was aiming for that kind of game, but way undercooked.


2y ago

Lying to shareholders is a crime


2y ago

So how long before Squeenix become Konami 2.0?