Ninjala Anime Episode 112 now available to stream

Cedar Tree of the Shinobi Village

12 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The newest episode of the Ninjala anime series has been released online, titled “Cedar Tree of the Shinobi Village” The 23-minute episode will be available to view for free until April 18th, 2024, so check it out while it’s available! A plot synopsis of the episode reads:

Burton and Berecca accompany Genryusai as he heads to the World Ninja Summit taking place at the Shinobi City in Oedo. Upon their arrival, they visit a ninja museum where they learn about the ancient ninjas who battled yokai, as well as the shrine that sealed away the yokai and the grand cedar tree that was struck by lightning 500 years ago. When the pair go to see the actual grand cedar tree and shrine, a sudden wind begins to rage. To make matters worse, lightning strikes the grand cedar tree…

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