Overwatch 2 Season 10: Venture Forth arrives tomorrow! Starting in Season 10, all heroes will be free to all players, including Season 10’s new hero, Venture! Season 10 will also introduce a new limited time mode, new ways to earn rewards, and much more.

Here’s some of what players can look forward to when jumping into Season 10 tomorrow: New Hero – Venture: Venture officially joins the Overwatch 2 roster, and for the first time, will arrive free to all players (alongside all other heroes!).

Venture is a spirited archaeologist who channels their passion for history into daring acts of heroism. Armed with a massive drill and an arsenal of seismic abilities, Venture brings a fresh dynamic to the battlefield (and underneath it). Outwit your adversaries and unearth victory as you dive, dig, drill, and deliver massive damage in the process.

New Limited Time Mode – Mirrorwatch: Experience an alternate universe where the virtuous have crumbled into villainy, and the wicked emerge as heroes.

Running April 23-May 13, this LTM includes reimagined hero abilities and a redesigned Watchpoint Gibraltar, now in Talon control.

New Ways to Earn/Unlock Rewards: In response to player feedback, Season 10 introduces new ways to earn/unlock rewards.

Coins are coming out of challenges and entering the Battle Pass, where players can earn up to 600 Overwatch Coins in the free Battle Pass.

Mythic Prisms – a New Way to Earn Mythics: Season 10 introduces Mythic Prisms, a new way to earn Mythic skins!

Available in the Premium Battle Pass, Mythic Prisms can be used to unlock and upgrade Mythic content to suit your style.

Once you’ve completed the Premium Battle Pass, you’ll have 80 Mythic Prisms, enough to fully unlock one complete Mythic skin.

Clash Trial: Revealed at BlizzCon, Clash is the ultimate tug-of-war, where teams battle to capture five points strategically placed on a mirrored map.

Dynamic spawns and streamlined map routes expedite your return to the fight, maximizing time spent in the heat of battle.

Clash for the win in the limited-time trial running April 16 to April 29.

And More! Including an update to Wrecking Ball’s kit, other hero balance updates, and major updates to Competitive Play.

Read more in the blog, and you can find the full patch notes here.

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