Discover New Plush Pokémon Friends at Pokémon Center

Snuggle up with some new friends

15 April 2024
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Are you suffering from a lack of plush cuddles in your life? Don’t worry… It’s a common affliction, and Pokémon Center is here to help! At Pokémon Center, you can find a wide range of lovable and snuggly Pokémon plush that will provide all the comfort you need. Pokémon Center plush are the same high-quality items that can be found in the Pokémon Center retail stores in Japan, and there are various plush available to satisfy any Pokémon fan.

From adorably tiny to huggable and huge, you’ll find loads of Pokémon plush from the many regions within the Pokémon world. So whether you’re looking for a buddy to dangle from your backpack or chill next to you on the couch—surely there’s a Pokémon plush for you.

There are even multiple styles of plush to choose from: The Poké Plush collection focuses on plush with “realistic” styles and proportions, while the diminutive Sitting Cuties line features Pokémon plush in a “sitting” position, with weighted microbeads helping them stay upright as they’re displayed. There are also themed plush based on holidays and seasons such as Halloween or Springtime, allowing you to celebrate special occasions with a plush Pokémon pal.

No matter what kind of plush you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something wonderful at Pokémon Center. You can learn even more on Pokémon Center’s About Our Plush page, and then check out what charming friends are waiting for you!

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