Uniqlo reveals a new line of Final Fantasy shirts

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15 April 2024
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Uniqlo has been a friend of gamers for years now, tying up with multiple big-name companies to release apparel based on their most popular brands. They’ve worked with Square Enix a few times in the past, and the two are partnering once again for a fresh lineup of Final Fantasy apparel.

The latest line of Final Fantasy shirts offers 7 different designs to choose from, and they offer a variety of imagery and styles that should appeal to fans from any generation. The upcoming lineup features the following:

  • A goblin on the front with the classic defeat message on the back
  • A moogle sitting in a chair with a wine glass as well as a couple of smaller moogle sprites
  • A Phoenix feather over the pocket with a design on the back representing the eight Eikons of FFXVI
  • A minimalist tee with a moogle, a fat cat, and Alpha from FFXIV over the pocket
  • A moon-themed shirt featuring Torgal from FFXVI with the quote “Escape this fate that we might one day look upon the moon again together”
  • A silver graphic of the Warrior of Light from FFXIV
  • An embroidery of FFVI’s Terra and a moogle on the front with a beautiful illustration of them on the back

The shirts are all set to arrive in late June and every release is priced at $25. If you’d like to see the entire lineup, you can find it here.

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