Today, SMITE released the Dapper Denizens Update, a day even the Gods will remember!

With each major SMITE Update comes a new Cross-Gen Pass and today is no exception! Spearheading the Dapper Denizens Cross-Gen Pass, play as two honorable animals: Vizier Eggbert Beakington Ra and Dapper Catter Bacchus.

Both of them are Cross-Gen Skins, meaning they are unlocked in both SMITE (instantly) and SMITE 2 (upon release). As you play SMITE games, you will also unlock dozens of rewards through the Dapper Denizens Cross-Gen Pass.

Starting today with the Dapper Denizens Update, a new threat holds sway over the SMITE Conquest Map: the Bull Demon! The king Boss of the Joust mode has expanded its territory by taking over the Fire Giant’s very own lair during the early stage of Conquest matches. Slaying the Bull Demon grants the team a bounty plus a unique buff revealing enemy wards for a minute – the perfect tool to gain map control.

It’s a one-lane all-out fight from which you cannot go back—literally! The Assault mode has received targeted tweaks starting with an extra reroll for all players. While Assault enthusiasts embrace randomness without fear, we felt they also deserved more flexibility now that SMITE includes more than 130 Gods.

Furthermore, Assault Towers are now weaker as a deterrent against ‘turtling’ tactics. Make way for action! Yet there is a catch: new Bastions now protect Towers. Your team will have to make the coordinated decision to either take it down first or fully ignore it.

Lastly, Health Orbs spawn times have been delayed – another contribution to pacing up the fights. Read the full Dapper Denizens Update Notes here.

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