Splatoon 3 has gotten its next update, bringing the game up to Ver. 7.2.0. You can read through the patch notes below.

  • The terrain in Undertow Spillway has been changed in all modes.
  • Specifications for some main weapons have changed.

This update focuses on making changes to multiplayer.

For some main weapons, we’ve strengthened their unique characteristics or made them easier to handle.

For the Big Bubbler, we’ve changed it to increase the amount of time you can safely act by making it harder to destroy, even from positions that make it easy to attack the weak points.

For the Splattercolor Screen, we’ve changed it to make it easier to control opponents’ movements by increasing the risk of touching the screen.

For the Triple Splashdown, while it is difficult to time its use when opponents actively attempt to shoot the player down, it is extremely powerful when opponents don’t shoot the player down. Therefore, we have simultaneously changed it to make it harder to shoot down and narrowed the area of effect.

For the Kraken Royale, we changed it to ease an issue where, from the perspective of opposing players, it felt difficult to stop countdown progression when combining Kraken Royale with Super Jump in certain modes.

We plan on releasing the next update at the end of the current season. It will focus primarily on weapon balance adjustments and adding features for Sizzle Season 2024.

The next update is also planned to change it so that when a player’s rank in any mode is within rank 1,000 for the previous season’s X Rankings, the rank change due to the season switch will become S+0.

This change is to alleviate a problem making matchmaking in X Battles difficult immediately after the season switch for players with particularly high X Power.

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