WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom has been updated to Ver 1.5.12. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Features Added and Bug Fixes

  • Birds now visit Elnea Kingdom.
  • You can now play simple sounds on the piano placed in residences.
  • The phonograph now allows you to play records.
  • Records can be obtained by completing quests in the game.
  • Added the “Favorite” feature to the “Change Weapon” and “Enhance Weapon” screens.
  • Added “Hide All” option to the nameplate display settings.
  • Added various quests to support earning funds for purchasing residences.
  • Implemented adjustments to item selling prices and required materials for purchases.
  • Adjusted NPC behaviors associated with the “Skip Time” feature.
  • Various minor adjustments and fixes have been implemented.

Update for DLC “Challenge Dungeon”

  • Added weapons that can be exchanged with “Wicked Bloodstone.”

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