PuzzMiX "Sparkling Elation ♪" official music video

INTI CREATES knows how to make a catchy tune

19 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

INTI CREATES has shared a new music video for PuzzMiX, the recently-released Suika Game-inspired puzzler. In this video, “The Muse” Lola performs her new song from PuzzMiX , “Sparkling Elation ♪”. It’s her turn to shine, and she’s taking on the new day in full, sparkling power! Listen to this energetic performance of her latest song as she dances along! “Sparkling Elation ♪” is also available as DLC for GUNVOLT RECORDS Cychronicle in “Song Pack 7 Lola”

In PuzzMiX, players will control falling “Lola Pods” to merge pairs into increasingly larger types. As the Lola Pods get bigger and bigger, the player will earn bigger scores as the chaos becomes even harder to control. Online leaderboards are included to show off the best Lola MiXers around the world.

When players earn a certain amount of score, they’ll unlock a new song from Lola herself to listen to during the game. 19 vocal tracks are included in addition to 1 instrumental BGM.

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