There’s never a dull moment in the world of Pokémon. No matter where you live, there’s always something Pokémon-related going on, and we’re breaking down the latest news on events, merch and more for the dedicated Pokémon fans out there.

First up is the above line of TeraCute and TeraCOOL line. As you might have guessed, the TeraCute line focuses on cute Pokémon while the TearCOOL line spotlights cool Pokémon. Wondering how the cute and cool Pokémon were chosen? Unfortunately, no specifics were given, so it seems Pokémon Co. just made the decision on their own! This merch line includes shirts, accessories, and household items with a jewel and precious metals motif, and it’s set to arrive in Pokémon Center locations April 27th, 2024.


Next comes a set of Poké Ball-shaped room projector lights. These projects have two different modes, with one showcasing various Pokémon and the other mode acting as a basic night light. There are 7 different Poké Ball projector designs to choose from, and they all launch in Japan April 27th, 2024. There’s even a complementary line of Terastal Pokémon keychains to go with this series!


Need something to help those rainy-day blues go away? How about a line of Pokémon rainy day gear that includes a bag cover, umbrella holder, a handle cover and much more. This series of rain gear features Water-Type Pokémon and will be available at Pokémon Centers in Japan starting April 27th, 2024.

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