Members of the Sinnoh Elite Four join Pokémon Masters EX

Aaron, Bertha, and Lucian join the battle!

13 May 2022
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Pokémon has announced the new Sinnoh Elite Four Assemble event for Pokémon Masters EX. The event adds the sync pairs of Aaron and his Vespiquen, Bertha and her Hipowdon, and Lucian and his Girafarig.

Here is what the Pokémon website has to say about this event.

Trainers from the Sinnoh region have arrived on Pasio for Pokémon Masters EX’s Sinnoh Elite Four Assemble event.

Until May 26, 2022, at 10:59 p.m. PDT, you can play through this series of battles to earn gems, 3★ Strike Move Candy, 4★ Strike Move Candy, and 4★ Support Move Candy. Additionally, three new sync pairs featuring members of the Sinnoh region Elite Four—Aaron & Vespiquen, Bertha & Hippowdon, and Lucian & Girafarig—are available in the sync pair scout, each with 6★ EX unlocked. You may have encountered these sync pairs in the Champion Stadium, but now you can add them to your team. Learn more about these duos below!


If you want to read up on the trainers and their Pokémon’s stats then we highly suggest reading the full article on Poké which will be linked below!

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