As time progresses, things evolve in numerous ways. That obviously includes the world of videogames, which have expanded greatly in terms of technology and graphical presentations. Even more impressive, gaming has made visual leaps and bounds in an incredibly short amount of time, making it that much more impressive when you look back to see how far we’ve come.

In this episode of Digital Foundry, the gang looks at the evolution of water rendering across the generations, singling out particularly special games and the various techniques used. There have been countless titles over the years that use water as their playground, and some have done so with incredibly achievements in liquid simulations and presentations with notably limited tech.

Nintendo has been near the forefront of water tech in games for decades now, pushing their various platforms to the limit to showcase fluids in motion. Games like Wave Race 64 and Super Mario Sunshine put other big-name games to shame with their representations of water and water movement, with developers still looking back on those titles for inspiration now. Without Nintendo’s works with water, the industry wouldn’t be where it is now!

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