Pokémon GO just unveiled the largest visual refresh ever to provide a more realistic experience of being a real-life Pokémon Trainer. The visual refresh adds dynamic elements which affect the in-game map, encounter screens, battle screens, and more.

With the new refresh, the in-game topography will change based on the topography of the real world. Traveling through a dense forest? Your Trainer will be as well. This will also affect the types of Pokémon Trainers encounter with more Bug type Pokémon showing up in forests while more Rock type Pokémon will be seen in the mountains.

Both your avatar options and the Style Shop have also received updates, allowing you to express yourself with more customization options than ever before. Plus, take your Pokémon photography to new heights with our updated GO Snapshot experience, which now allows you to include up to three Pokémon in a single photo!

Don’t miss out on these exciting updates—dive into the adventure today!

[Press release]

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