Developer Obsidian’s garden-themed survival game crosses over to PS5 and Nintendo Switch - though with issues on each at launch. Thankfully, Digital Foundry is here to walk everyone through the high and low points.

Wondering just how up to snuff the Switch port of Grounded is? Here’s what Digital Foundry discovered during their rigorous testing:

  • 30fps target frame-rate
  • resolution while docked or handheld runs at between 720p and 360p
  • 600p is the typical number in regular docked play, with lower figures in handheld mod
  • the game is 3.1GB on Switch, a third of the install size on PS5 or Series X
  • texture resolution is lowered
  • more pop in for textures, grass, geometry and shadows
  • depth of field and motion blur to volumetrics and light shafts have been removed
  • character self-shadows are removed as well
  • decorative detail is reduced up close
  • retains day/night cycle, the physics of swaying grass blades and space reflections on water
  • initial loading time is a over a minute
  • frame-times are prevalent, with traversal stutters causing hang-ups in play as assets stream in
  • auto-save stutters, which are more sizeable than PS5 and Series X
  • Grounded runs well 95 percent of the time

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