Tell Me Your Story, a game where cozy, familiar vibes and intuitive puzzles meet, is coming to Switch on April 26th, 2024. In this title you’ll follow Amelia as she heads to her grandma’s cottage for the summer, expecting to spend the warm months there knitting, gardening, and helping her out. Soon enough, the girl realizes that her grandma Rose’s house is full of wonders, artifacts, and souvenirs from all around the world. And so begins a journey to the past via the tales and memories of a retired globetrotter – a side of Amelia’s grandma, that she had no idea about.

With a story that centers around family connections and grandparents in particular, it’s not surprising to learn where the real-life inspiration comes from. In an interview with Game Rant, the dev team opened up about how personal experiences with grandparents helped shape everything Tell Me Your Story aims to offer.

From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to do something with an adventure story that involved some kind of “Indiana Jones” type character where players can dig to find different artifacts. When we thought about it a bit longer, I had a feeling that we were missing something that could make the overall game more engaging. I started to think about relationships, specifically mine with my grandparents and with my daughter, and how my relationship with those older than me impacted who I am today. I wanted to share those feelings with a bigger audience, as most of us have had that experience, and some of us regret that we didn’t have enough time to spend time with some of our loved ones.

[Tell Me Your Story developers]

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