RIQA is an unreleased 3rd person shooter for the Nintendo 64 that was developed by Bits Studios. RIQA was briefly mentioned in the gaming press, being touted as Tomb Raider for the N64 due to its female protagonist and 3rd person perspective. Sadly, this one never got to see the light of day, as it was cancelled decades ago.

Rumor had it that elements if RIQA made their way into Rogue Ops, another game developed by Bits Studios and released back in 2003. While we might not get confirmation on that, we can actually come to a conclusion ourselves, as a ROM of RIQA has just made its way online, all thanks to former Bits Studios team member Ten Shu.

The video above shows off a ton of history and gameplay from RIQA, and it does look like it had some intriguing elements and interesting gameplay. While we may not have gotten the chance to give RIQA a go back in the day, it’s nice to see the title finally getting a chance to show what it had to offer, even if it’s 25 years later than expected!

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