The image above caused all sorts of waves in the Nintendo community when it released. While some didn’t believe it at first, it was indeed an official render of Waluigi. Yes, we’ve all see Waluigi’s unique poses and personality before, but this image in particular was enough to make even extremely well-versed Nintendo fans question if it was legitimate. Turns out one Nintendo employee had the same question.

In a recent episode of the Kit and Krysta Podcast, Kit himself reveals that both Kit and Krystal thought the artwork, which was used in a Nintendo Minute episode, would get them in trouble with Nintendo. The duo just couldn’t fathom why this piece of art had never been seen before, nor did they understand why it was being approved for use in an episode of Nintendo Minute.

“So we did the video…of the Nintendo Switch [Lite]…there was the new color scheme of it - and like is it blue or purple was the big debate… so we did kind of a colour test of it with a lot of different things and I remember one of the people who is editing the video was like ‘oh, our design team says they have this new artwork of Waluigi that they’ve been just waiting to get out there, so we should use it’ - and we’re like yeah that sounds great, and as they were editing the videos, and as we were watching the cuts, I was like ‘this is really unusual that they just had this new art sitting around’… like they always have a plan, it’s going out here, this is the date, and I’m like this doesn’t sound right. And I started to get really worried that we were making a terrible mistake…and that we were like gonna be like leaking or like you know breaking some embargo for this artwork, so I was really bracing for it when this episode came out…This is just a random…updated render of the main characters”

[Kit Ellis]

To this very day, Kit and Krysta have no idea why this art exists, or how it was approved for use in a Nintendo Minute episode. It’s completely random for Nintendo to have a new render that they just randomly slip out into public. We may never know the answer as to the art’s origin, but we all can agree that the world of Nintendo is made that much better by its existence!

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2y ago

I hope WaLuigi does this pose in Mario Strikers Battle League, along with his even spicier crotch celebration in a previous game!