Builder Simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch! Starting today, you can enjoy the excitement of designing and constructing a house from scratch with this game. Get ready to bring your dream house to life with your handheld gaming console, and experience the satisfaction of being a professional builder!

Builder Simulator is a simulation game perfect for those who ever dreamed about building a house from the ground up. It stands out because of its attention to detail – it allows you to follow the entire building process, from design to construction. You’re not just building a house – you get the full experience of being a builder. Given that the Builder Simulator has been warmly received by PC players all around the world, it is time to allow console players to try their hands at becoming a one-person construction crew and professional architect.

The first step is to look for inspiration and draw up a construction plan, or choose one of the in-game-ready projects. Then it’s time to buy the required materials, like a bunch of bricks or some cement, roll up your sleeves, and get ready for action! Now it’s time to build your dream house from scratch, beginning with digging the foundation and laying the brickwork, ending with erecting walls, tiling the roof, and installing doors and windows. It won’t be an easy task but don’t worry – an in-game tutorial will guide you through the meanders of the building industry and teach you everything you need to become a real professional builder.

A house is not a home without a few finishing touches. There are plenty of possibilities just waiting for you to put into practice! Try to give your walls a fresh coat of paint, put up wallpapers, lay floor panels… In Builder Simulator, your imagination sets the boundaries.

We know how much players enjoy sharing their work, and so, we have prepared something special – the perfect option for individuals who wish to share their screenshots taken using Photo Mode. Capture and present your creations, and draw inspiration from someone else’s work!

Builder Simulator comes with an exciting set of features:

  • Plan the perfect house project like a professional architect
  • Construct your dream house from the ground up
  • Decorate your house in any way you want
  • Enjoy a wide range of furniture sets and decorative items
  • Familiarize yourself with realistic in-game mechanics, such as cement mixing, pouring the foundation, wall painting, and many more
  • Discover realistic methods of building houses from scratch
  • Experience the essence of being a true builder!
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