The Monster Hunter series is filled to the brim with monsters for players to take down, and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brought us the fearsome Malzeno. In a new social media post from Capcom, we get to learn about how a truly iconic character helped bring Malzeno to life.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Artist Aehwa Shin has revealed that none other than Dracula was used as a source of inspiration for Malzeno’s design. Shin notes that the word Dracula originally meant “son of a dragon,” so that origin was the starting point for design choices that would be folded into Malzeno.

Shin says that you can see the direct Dracula inspiration on Malzeno through the wings of the monster, as they were meant to represent Dracula’s cape. Along with that, the fins on Malzeno’s waist utilize a tailcoat motif.

Malzeno is yet to appear in any other Monster Hunter titles, but it’s clear Capcom is proud of their work on the creature. There’s no doubt we’ll see more from Malzeno in the future, so be prepared for one hell of a fight down the road!

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