On April 8th, 2024, Nintendo shut down the online servers for Splatoon on the Wii U. That means players can no longer hop into the game and enjoy online action. It was sad day for original Splatoon fans, but they were forced to move on and enjoy subsequent Splatoon titles on Switch. Well…all but one of them moved on, that is.

Splatoon superfan Lcd101 decided to dodge Nintendo’s efforts to boot him from Splatoon, and he’s been hiding out online in the game ever since the server shutdown. All the way up to yesterday, Lcd101 was able to hang out in the game’s lobby, albeit completely alone. That changed a few hours ago, as the lobby now spits out an error code. Still, Lcd101 hasn’t left just yet.

While the lobby is officially caput, Lcd101 can still access Splatoon’s shops, and oddly enough, Callie and Marie continue to present their news updates. They obviously don’t have anything new to say, sharing old rotations that have come and gone.

How long does Lcd101 plan to stay connected to Splatoon with absolutely nothing to do? It seems their plan is to keep going as long as possible, so now it’s a game of cat-and-mouse (kid and squid?) with Nintendo to see who blinks first.


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25d ago

The X feed shows an octoling, how do you play as an octoling in the first Splatoon?


25d ago


Yeah, that is definitely not a legit copy of the game.
Likely a hacker. Who's been hacking the game so long they've forgotten what's actually legit.

That's brings into question the validity of the claims they are making.

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