Inti Creates recently announced that Umbraclaw is making its way to Switch May 30th, 2024. Over in Japan, the game is getting not one, but two physical releases. The standard edition is priced at 5,280 yen and it gets you a boxed copy of the game. There’s also the Limited Edition bundle for 9,980 yen, and now a new trailer showcases everything that package includes.

While we’ve already shared the full details on what’s in the Limited Edition, here’s the breakdown one more time:

  • an artbook featuring various design documents
  • a soundtrack album (2CDs), featuring the music of the game
  • an acrylic keyring

Umbraclaw is a new 2D side-scrolling action game stars Kuon, a cat who has tragically died and finds himself in the underworld known as the Soulplane. He must journey through the perilous afterlife to find a way back home and reunite with his owner. If you’ve been eager to see more gameplay, you can find a ton of it in the live-stream above.

Coming from “Blaster Master Zero” series director Satoru Nishizawa, players can expect a challenging action game starring a cool-but-cute protagonist. They’ll use the “Anima Revive” system to gain new abilities from the souls of other animals.

On your adventure through the Soulplane, the “Anima Revive” system will grant Kuon abilities from various animals. These abilities will be key to overcoming the obstacles you’ll face on your journey.

The newest game from Blaster Master Zero director Satoru Nishizawa, Umbraclaw is a challenging game that proves that cats are not just cute, but cool as well. The dark-tinged yet lively graphics will pull you into the fantasy storybook world.

Will Kuon be able to break through the Boundary to return home safely…? Your journey through the afterlife awaits.

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