The highly anticipated remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is launching for Nintendo Switch on May 23rd, 2024. We’re just under a month away from launch, and Nintendo has released an overview trailer for the game. Additionally, some new video features have arrived from various media outlets that give us hands-on impressions and new gameplay. Check out the official overview trailer above and a round-up of brand new footage below.

All this coverage has unearthed some new details as well. We knew this Switch remake would change, tweak and add some elements to the decades-old GameCube title, but now we have some actual information on what to look out for.

  • new partner ring lets you change party members with the press of a button
  • gameplay hint system for Goombella accessible at any time
  • new Sound and Art Galleries content can be unlocked by collecting Shine Sprites and Star Pieces
  • new NPCs that can help you out, such as Rogueport’s Battle Master
  • the Rogueport Battle Master is “a Toad who will not only tell you battle secrets in hopes you will become a legendary fighter, but who will also let you jump into a danger-free battle to practice all your abilities and timing-based attacks.”
  • Ian Foomus the Mouse can be found at the Trouble Center in Rogueport, and he will “get you back on track if you are having a tough time with any of Paper Mario’s sidequests”.

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24d ago

I don't need any previews!
This is an insta-buy!!!