Today, narrative games publisher Fellow Traveller announced they’ve signed Pine: A Story of Loss, a debut game from New York-based developer Made Up Games. Following the tale of a woodworker grieving the recent passing of his wife, the game is a poignant and reflective story told through wordless interaction and hand-drawn animation. Pine: A Story of Loss will launch on Nintendo Switch in late 2024.

Alone in the forest glade where he made a home with his wife, a woodworker struggles to move on as his simple daily chores are interspersed by cherished memories of a past life. As each season changes, the woodworker must prepare for what’s to come. Tasks such as collecting water, thatching the roof, or planting crops each bring back vivid memories of his wife. Desperate to not let her memory disappear, the woodworker captures these moments in beautiful wood carvings. Yet, while each one is a promise to her memory, they soon become a dangerous obsession.

Designed to be enjoyed in one or two sittings, Pine immerses the player in the woodworker’s world with environmental storytelling, ambient soundscapes, and an original musical score. Everyday chores such as tending to his garden and gathering wood for the next winter are conveyed through interactive puzzles and mini-games, with beautiful landscapes that transform with the four seasons. Pine’s artwork features impressionistic environments inspired by works such as the likes of N.C. Wyeth. These gorgeous backgrounds contrast against the clean character animations of the game, inspired by classic comics such as Tintin.

Pine is developed by Made Up Games, led by professional illustrator and children’s book author Tom Booth and programmer Najati Imam. The woodworker’s first inception was in a sketch created by Booth following a tragic loss, which sparked an outpouring of support from fans who resonated with the powerful depiction of grief. Determined to bring the woodworker’s story to life, Booth and Imam transformed it into Pine, an emotional and interactive experience that serves as a reminder that no one is alone in their loss.

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