Go big or go extinct. Prime your senses for a neural handshake and step into the cockpit of a Jaeger. It is on you to cancel the apocalypse when Pacific Rim Pinball comes to Pinball FX on May 16!

Play through all the excitement of the first Pacific Rim movie and use your pinball skills to strengthen the link between Raleigh and Mako while resisting the double event of Leatherback and Otachi - if you can get the ball to the bumpers you may even drift with the Kaiju! Wield those flippers well and you might even overload the reactor of Gipsy Danger and seal the Breach once and for all.

“The scale and the stakes are always big in Legendary Entertainment’s franchises,” said Mel Kirk, COO of Zen Studios. “Translating the epic action of the film into the confines of a pinball cabinet proved quite the challenge, and we might have failed - this pinball experience will burst out of the machine and your screen!”

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