The latest episode of the Kiwi Talkz podcast featured a guest that will no doubt interest Nintendo fans. This episode brought in former Retro Studios artist Ted Anderson to discuss his time at Nintendo, as well as the projects he worked on. You can read some highlights from the interview below.

  • Nintendo has a design philosophy where certain colors mean certain things (for example, spikes had to have white tips to show players to stay away)
  • Retro ended up making entire tracks from scratch for Mario Kart 7, which some team members weren’t excited about
  • the 3DS dev kits were exposed chipsets with screens attached
  • one of tracks Anderson worked on impressed Nintendo, leaving them in awe
  • working on personal projects while working for Nintendo or Retro was a fireable offense

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2y ago

I honestly forgot Retro worked on Mario Kart 7, lol