Technologies Bauldy, operated by a solo developer, is proud to announce its Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming game, Oyster Wars; an open-world precision platformer.

Oyster Wars combines the fluid movement and clever level design of Celeste with the world and dungeon design of The Legend Of Zelda. The dash of Celeste is replaced with an intuitive hookshot mechanic that is used to grapple to walls, grab items, and keep enemies at bay. The game combines intense platforming with rich systemic design, where every item and enemy is interconnected.

Players will explore non-linear puzzle-box dungeons connected by a compact open world. Within these dungeons, they consult maps, hunt down keys, and manipulate elements like water levels and conveyor belts.

Step into the shoes of Wade, an oyster farmer bent on revenge against Sven, the CEO of the Man’s End Oyster Company. After stripping Wade’s home island of its resources and leaving it polluted and desolate, Sven plans to move his operations, leaving the community jobless and the environment in ruin.

  • Kickstarter campaign launch date: May 2nd, 2024, 9am EST
  • Target game release date: Fall 2024
  • Release Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch,

Key Features - A hookshot that is used for platforming, puzzle solving and combat. - Fluid movement which uses adapted snippets of the MIT liscenced Celeste player code. - Original atmospheric and adaptive soundtrack. - Puzzle box dungeons that can be tackled in (almost) any order the player sees fit. - Compact overworld which changes as the player progresses. - A modern story about economic struggle and big business. - The best fishing minigames of all time.

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