Another Crab’s Treasure made its way to Switch today after being revealed roughly one year ago. The unique title clearly caught a lot of attention upon reveal, and many have been waiting patiently to pick the game up. That includes a rush of people who grabbed the game on day-one, as first day sales have surpassed 30k units worldwide.

Another Crab’s Treasure is a soulslike adventure set in a crumbling underwater world plagued by a mysterious curse. As Kril the hermit crab, you’ll need to wear the trash around you as shells to withstand attacks from enemies many times your size. Embark on an epic treasure hunt to buy back your repossessed shell, and discover the dark secrets behind the polluted ocean.

Along with the reveal of 30k units sold in 24 hours, developer Aggro Crab thanked fans for playing the game and said they were happy to see everyone having fun (but not too much, it IS a souls game).

In the undersea society of Another Crab’s Treasure, trash is not only a way of life, but a valuable resource, used for everything from fashion to firearms. But with the presence of trash comes a mysterious infection known as the Gunk, which could spell doom for the entire ocean.

UPDATE: A new sales tally has been shared. We now know that after being on sale for 4 days, Another Crab’s Treasure sold 100k units combined across all platforms. Looks like this one’s got some real (sea) legs!

UPDATE 2 The little game that could just keeps going. Another Crab’s Treasure has now reached 150k units sold across all platforms combined. There’s no doubt this game is going to keep racking up sales as the weeks roll on, and we’ll keep a lookout for future sales updates.

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