It’s been a notable day for Switch successor rumors, as just hours ago we heard rumblings of Nintendo’s next piece of hardware using magnets for its Joy-Con. Now we’re back with another supposed inside scoop on who Nintendo’s teaming with for what’s next.

According to Business Korea, which in turn mentions unnamed “industry sources,” Nintendo and Samsung are going buddy-buddy on the Switch’s successor. Here’s the new tidbits the article has to offer, including more talk of when the device could launch. Again, please note that this is all unconfirmed info a this time.

  • the device will incorporate a significant amount of technology from Samsung Electronics
  • this includes displays to memory and foundry services
  • could launch as early as the second half of this year
  • the parts industry has reportedly reached agreements for initial production contracts
  • the device will likely use a Tegra T239 chip from Nvidia, made using Samsung’s 7LPH process
  • high-value-added memory will also be manufactured by Samsung Electronics
  • fifth-generation V-NAND expected to be incorporated into game cards and internal memory
Thanks to Zcomuto for the heads up!

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27d ago

With the magnets in the Joy-Cons, could that mean hall effect sensor joysticks? They use magnets if I recall.

Nintendo would be crazy not to solve the joystick drift problem this time around.


27d ago

I just wonder how it's game performance will compare to my ROG Ally. The new Switch will likely have the superior upscaling solution, DLSS, so that should definitely help, but I wonder how it compares on raw power. I'm hoping it's at least as powerful as the Ally, but with the added bonus of nice battery life stemming from the great power efficiency both NVIDIA and Nintendo are known for. 🤞🏾


27d ago


Headline says "Samsun", but I'm pretty sure you meant "Samsung"!


27d ago

hmm these chips and stuff aren't that exciting to me anymore. I just wonder if Nintendo still has a little bit 'revolution' left upon its sleeves. Something like a Switch-Back or a Wii threee haha : D

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27d ago

Rumors? I heard these are true!!


27d ago

The Nintendo Snap

We've known the successor's name for nearly 7.5 years.

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