There’s no such thing as too much Pokémon merch. Pokémon Co. continues to partner up with various companies to release all sorts of Pokémon-branded items, and their latest release is for those looking to show off their love of Pokémon on the go.

Pokémon Co. and Kamio Japan are now selling a zakka (miscellaneous merchandise) collection that features all sorts of goodies. From bags to wallets, pouches to totes, there’s a ton of stuff to pick from. The complete lineup is as follows:

  • Backpack: 7,480 JPY (~$48)
  • Flat pouch: 2,750 JPY (~$17.50)
  • Miniature tote bag: 3,960 JPY (~$25)
  • Miniature wallet: 3,960 JPY (~$25)
  • Pass case: 2.530 JPY (~$16)
  • Side pouch: 3,960 JPY (~$25)
  • Tote bag: 3,960 JPY (~$25)

These items will be sold through Pokémon Center locations, and they should be available any day now. There’s no word on this collection making it outside of Japan, unfortunately.

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