Nintendo and Bandai have teamed up quite a few times in the past for official merch for various franchises, and now the two are collaborating once again for another unique product line.

Bandai has revealed a series of acrylic magnets based on the Pikmin franchise. These magnets are available in Japan right now and measure anywhere between 40 to 80mm depending on what you get. Each Pikmin magnet is priced at $1.50 and there are 24 in all to collect. There are also 10 memo cards that can be used to create scenes. Last but not least, each pack also includes a piece of gum.

The entire lineup of magnets and memo cards available in this series is as follows:

  1. Blue Pikmin A
  2. Yellow Pikmin A
  3. Red Pikmin A
  4. Feather Pikmin A
  5. Rock Pikmin A
  6. White Pikmin A
  7. Purple Pikmin A
  8. Ice Pikmin A
  9. Glow Pikmin A
  10. Oatchi A
  11. Blue Pikmin B
  12. Yellow Pikmin B
  13. Red Pikmin B
  14. Blue Pikmin C
  15. Yellow Pikmin C
  16. Red Pikmin C
  17. Rock Pikmin B
  18. Purple Pikmin B
  19. Ice Pikmin B
  20. Feather Pikmin B
  21. White Pikmin B
  22. Glow Pikmin B
  23. Oatchi B
  24. Bulborb

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