Limited Run Games, a premium publisher of physical games, is expanding its digital distribution business, announcing a title to kick off Summer 2024.

Another animal protagonist enters the nest, Hatch Tales takes flight on Nintendo Switch on June 21st! An action-packed adventure set in the mystical land of Talonreach, an ancient evil begins to stir as the evil Nazar emerges from his slumber. Only Hatch, our brave hawk hero, can confront such evil, restoring balance to the peaceful kingdom.

Armed with his trusty Hookshot, Hatch will encounter powerful foes and dangerous hazards, unlocking amazing abilities and experiencing wonders no mere hawk could ever dream of witnessing!

A platforming adventure with an irresistible art style, Hatch Tales is deceptively beautiful, providing an action-packed challenge that will test even seasoned gamers and keep them on their toes until the very end of their quest!


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