Entergram has announced that they’re bringing the Cabbage Soft-develpped romance visual novel Jewelry Hearts Academia: We Will Wing Wonder World to the Switch in Japan on Oct. 24th, 2024. There will be a 8,228 yen standard release and a 12,078 yen limited edition which includes a B2-size tapestry, a theme song CD featuring the game’s opening and ending tracks, and an art book.

Phrygia Royal, Academy of Jewelry, is a place where mysterious gem stone called “The Will” are researched. The main character, Souma Jace, attempts to infiltrate “Diamond Class” as an agent to search for the “Philosopher’s Gem Stone” that lies dormant in the academy. But he is assigned to a mysterious new class that called “Pegasus Class.”

  • Souma, a foreign agent who hides his true identity.
  • Berka, a girl who is only interested in swordship.
  • Veo, a solitary and loner delinquent who doesn’t hang out with anyone.
  • Mare, a kemonomimi beast who has a rare talent.
  • Markus, a foreign prince with the worst grades and attitude.
  • Arianna, the only decent conscience member in the class.

The Pegasus Class group is made up of six boys and girls with different purposes and nationalities. They often rebel against each other, but soon find themselves facing a crisis that threatens the world.

“The Stone Eaters,” a mysterious disaster that threatens to petrify the entire Nova continent. Located on the front lines, they become embroiled in a struggle against the “Medusa,” the organization responsible for the disaster.

Will Soma be able to accomplish his mission and able to overcome the threat of petrification that threatens to destroy the continent? An adventure tale of The Wills and bonds that fly across the world—here it shines.

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