Endless Ocean Luminous has just launched on Switch today. This is a brand-new entry in the Endless Ocean series, the last of which we saw arrive on the Wii years ago. The Wii entries were quite impressive technically when considering the humble Wii hardware. How does this new Switch outing compare? Give the video above a watch to see a technical deep dive.

Dive in and survey a mysterious underwater world. Take a deep breath and plunge into the Veiled Sea: an unexplored region with discoveries that change with each dive. Encounter and learn about over 500 species of marine lifeā€”some of which are presumed extinct, or even mythical! What will you find on your undersea journey?

Wander together in groups of up to 30 with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Greet your fellow divers with a gesture and then delve into the depths to share discoveries.

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