The latest update from the official Xenoblade Twitter account gives us information on Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s special characters known as Heroes, which can be recruited to help fight alongside you in battle. The first two Heroes revealed are Riku and Manana, who attack in a pair. You can find more information about them below (thanks to a translation via Perfectly-Nintendo). Check out the details, as well as some short gameplay footage and screenshots.


(Japanese CV: Sayaka Senbongi), a Nopon from Colony 9 in Keves (like Noah and his friends), who sports some rather thick eyebrows. Back at the colony, he’s a mechanic in charge of both item crafting and the maintenance of the Iron Giant. He’s a keen Nopon who always keeps his cool, no matter the situation, and the advice he provides Noah and the others is well worth heeding. Weapons need some maintenance? Riku is your man Nopon!


(Japanese CV: Aya Suzaki), a Nopon who hails from Agnus and a companion of Mio and the others’. If her chef toque wasn’t clear enough, her specialty is cooking. Her skills are without pair, which is why it’s no big surprise she was in charge of cooking back at her former colony. Manana is literally obsessed with food, so if you come across something that could be used as an ingredient during your adventures, make sure to give it to Manana so that she can whip up one mouth-watering dish! Manana is bound to brighten your travels with her cheerful personality.

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