In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Legend of Zelda movie Director Wes Ball has spoken on how important the franchise is to him and what fans can expect from the project.

In this interview, Ball expressed his enthusiasm for the highly anticipated film adaptation. As a self-proclaimed fan of the franchise, he assured fans that the movie is in the works and stated his commitment to making it a great experience due to how important the Zelda series is not only to the fanbase but to himself as well, claiming he has been playing the games since his childhood.

“We’re working on it. I think it’s gonna be great. Fans are gonna be happy. ‘Legend of Zelda,’ to me, is one of the most important things ever in my life. You know, next to ‘Star Wars.’ I’ve played ‘Legend of Zelda’ throughout my childhood into my adulthood. You know what I mean? I am a fan. I am a fellow fan. I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that it is the movie we all hope it will be.”

While unable to reveal a release date, he jokingly hinted at a timeframe within the next decade.

If you’d like to read the full article, click here. But what do you think? Are your expectations high or do you remain cautious? Let us know in the comments below!

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15d ago

I'm gonna be happy? Thank goodness. Now all my fears are laid to rest.

Seriously though, the fact that he's a Star Wars fan makes me wonder if he's a "happy" Star Wars fan. And if he feels like the current owners of the Star Wars franchise have served their fans well. It could be a good way of knowing what kind of movie he's trying to make.


15d ago


I'd like it to be made as the one and only Zelda movie. Make it like there will not need to be another ; ) And then there probably will be another at some point, a whole different take like Zelda II

I wouldn't mind that one bit. The movie definitely should be able to stand on its own. What I worry about is that they're putting the horse before the cart and trying to plan out a franchise, or worse, a "cinematic universe".


15d ago


Yes I agree : ) It should just be that one complete Zelda movie. But don't try to put everything the games has in it. That would be far too much for one adventure story.


14d ago

As long as the movie keeps a style coherent with the series, and doesn't focus on delivering a boring political message, i'm curious