Good news, bad news, Nintendo fans. First up, let’s tackle the good news.

Were you worried that with the death of E3 as we know it, Nintendo wouldn’t be doing much around what is traditionally E3 time? Well worry no more, as Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has confirmed that a Nintendo Direct is going to be held sometime in June 2024. A specific date is yet to be shared.

Now time for the bad news…

Excited to see something about the Switch successor, which Nintendo officially confirmed will be the focus of an announcement this fiscal year? Well too bad, as Nintendo’s president also stated that the June 2024 Nintendo Direct will focus on Switch software for the second half of 2024. Furthermore, Mr. Furukawa specifically stated that there will be no mention of the Switch successor during the Direct.

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20d ago

I'm hoping for some cool weird little end of lifecycle games. You know, picross 3d, kirby spin-off, that kind of thing.


20d ago

I'm Primed 4 good news. Please deliver Nintendo.


20d ago

I hope that they make a similar transition as the Ps4/Ps5 and XboxOne/Series in that the Switch would still be supported much longer and we could carry everything for the sucessor.


20d ago


The reason PS4/XBOne received support after PS5/XSX released is because install bases for PS5/XSX were so low for so long, few developers saw it as a solid business strategy to not continue to release for PS4/XBone.

If, similarly, the install base for Switch 2 also flounders for a few years, then Switch will continue to be supported.
If Switch 2 takes off out of the gate, though, developers will drop the original Switch quicker.

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20d ago

No mention of Switch 2 in the June direct, because Switch 2 is getting its own dedicated Direct in September...

You're not entirely wrong, but I think you'd be amiss to not mention it was also during an extreme chip shortage that then went into a global pandemic. It also didn't help that every game being released could feasibly run on the old platforms with some adjustments.

Now that the first two things aren't impacting the industry anymore, alongside how I'd be shocked if many Switch 2 releases could run on 1, I think we will see a much more immediate divide between the platforms' software catalog.


20d ago

This doesn't bode well. I expect more remakes and remasters. MP4 if we're really lucky, although I think that will be a simultaneous Switch/Switch 2 release.
Releasing major exclusive games for Switch just makes no sense anymore.