SaGa Emerald Beyond is available now on Switch, and Square Enix has released two more trailers to showcase what the game is about. Check out the “Combat Basics” and “World Exploration” trailers in this post to see just how expansive this latest adventure is.

Venture across 17 mysterious worlds to forge your own unique story that unfolds based on your very own choices and actions.

Set in a realm where multiple worlds exist and are connected by an interdimensional space called the Junction, you can choose which worlds to explore.

2024 marks 35 years since the release of THE FINAL FANTASY LEGEND, the first SaGa game released on Gameboy back in 1989 in Japan and 1990 in North America.

This new title sees the return of SaGa’s legendary icons, including SaGa creator Akitoshi Kawazu, composer Kenji Ito and illustrator Satoshi Kuramochi, bringing together the very best elements of the beloved series to offer unique gameplay experience for both returning and new fans.

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