While we haven’t seen much from the Ninja Gaiden series in terms of new games lately, there’s no doubt Ryu Hayabusa still remains one of the more recognizable gaming characters out there, especially for older gamers. That’s why it’s not too surprising to see the iconic character getting another piece of merch, this time in the form of a figurine.

Kaiyodo will soon be opening pre-orders for their new Ninja Gaiden Revoltech figure of Ryu Hayabusa, and this release marks the first collaboration between Kaiyodo and Koei Tecmo. This release will be a part of Kaiyodo’s Amazing Yamaguchi series, and we’re still waiting on a release date or price point at this time.

This figure of Ryu Hayabusa is inspired by the character’s look in Ninja Gaiden 2. While we’ve already seen a prototype, unpainted version of this figure, today brings us our first look at Ryu in color. This figure features articulated aspects, different hand parts, the Dragon Sword, Falcon’s Talons, hand/boot parts with blades, and a shuriken.

When we have release date and pricing information on this figure, we’ll be sure to share the details.

UPDATE: Kaiyodo has announced that pre-orders will open in Japan starting May 27th, 2024 and they’ll be live for roughly 2 months. This release is priced at $77 and there will be a bonus for those who place an order through stores directly managed by Kaiyodo and Koei Tecmo. Going this route will net customers the Blade of the Archfiend, an extra item that appeared in both Ninja Gaiden II and Ninja Gaiden 3.

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